Rich Beach

A slick new mobile app that brings users together from around the world.
Our mission was to create an interface that would be easy to use, while also conveying a sense of purpose – it had to be both functional and flashy, a sophisticated app with a satisfying user experience.
Our work on Rich Beach began at the software architecture stage. Meticulous planning went into the layout of screens, the journeys that different users would take through the app. From the initial splash screen, we sculpted a series of data-form screens… which took the user through the simplified sign-up and log-in processes.
We built a great deal of functionality into the Rich Beach app, as well: subscription screens and secure card payments, a personal messaging system, picture galleries, and rich, multi-dimensional user profiles. All of that was brought together with a discreet-but-effective navigation system, designed for smooth and simple use of all the app’s features.

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