Connecting people with a whole new world of possibilities.
We are all into making exciting new connections. But how much do we really know about the people around us? Networx is a social network born from everyone's need to go outside and meet like-minded individuals, share ideas and inspire each other. The user's location serves are the common ground for this purpose. This way the user can discover meet-ups, places, and events near and far where they can feel acknowledged and welcomed.
Using the innovative search with advanced filters such as clientele, capacity and events calendars, the app can narrow down the results even for the most exquisite taste.
Feeling left out? Still? We have thought of this, too. Every user has the ability to create their own events and invite their friends or people with similar interests. Tools like timeline, photos and conversations help keeping track of user's friends and favorite places. Feeling shy? Just announce your arrival and let others come to you. Pretty simple, right?
Whether you're at work, in the gym or even discovering a new town! How much do you really know about the people around you?

Be curious. Get in the know.

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